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About us

National Insurance Group AD Insurance Policy Skopje is a company that began its existence in the Macedonian insurance market at the beginning of June 2005, registered with Treg. no. 2320/2005 on 09.05.2005. The founding capital is private domestic capital.
Even though AD Insurance Policy Skopje is a new insurance company on the Macedonian insurance market, it appeared with experience and high professionalism due to the management and professional team staffing with experienced and proven professionals, application of latest methodologies for pricing insurance based on risk knowledge and modern methods of determining the compensation.

Annual report for AD Insurance Policy Skopje year 2017(pdf 2 mb)

Board of Directors:
1. Chairman of the Board of Directors - Viktor Vlashki
2. Non-executive member - Stevan Tomovski
3. Executive member - Vladimir Tosevski

Оperational management of the company:
1. General Director - Vladimir Toshevski
2. Director of Insurance Sector - Dushko Andonov
3. Director of Legal HR Affairs - Anela Darkovska
4. Financial Director - Anica Gutevska
5. Director of Claims Department - Boban Janev
6. IT Director - Hari Jurukovska Kovacevic
National Insurance Group AD Insurance Policy Skopje covers all types of non-life insurance including:
Accident Insurance-consequences of an accident (including industrial injuries and job-related diseases) in case of death or impairment of health in injury;
Health Insurance;
Motor Vehicle Insurance (Casco);
Rail Vehicles Insurance (Casco);
Aircraft Insurance (Casco);
Vessel Insurance (Casco);;
Goods in Transit Insurance (cargo);
Property Insurance against Fire and Natural Disaster
Other Property Insurance;
Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance;
Aircraft Liability Insurance;
Vessel Liability Insurance;
General Liability Insurance;
Financial Losses Insurance
Health Insurance for Travel and Residence Abroad..

The company has a real opportunity to provide extremely favourable insurance conditions with acceptable premium rates, discounts, bonuses, deferred premium payment as well as efficient quality service in the area of insurance, assessment and liquidation of damages.


Our goal is services accessibility in every city, every populated area