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Frequently asked questions:

Q: If I decide to insure my car with your insurance company, would you accept the bonus that I have gained so far in another insurance company?

A: If when checking the database for damages at the National Bureau of Insurance we find that you have no damage claims in the previous insurance period, no matter what insurance company has previously concluded your insurance, your acquired bonus will be acknowledged.

Q: Is full coverage Casco insurance policy valid in case of change of the vehicle owner?

А: In case of change of the insured vehicle owner during the duration of the Casco insurance, it ceases to exist, meaning the rights and obligations of the insurance policy are not transferred to the new owner. The old owner however gets a refund for the unused portion of the premium (if in the previous period a damage has not been reported) and the new owner is required to sign a new insurance policy.

Q: What should I do in case of accident?

А: In the event of an accident it is necessary to pay attention to the following few things in order to eliminate any further problems:
Notify the police immediately and call emergency if there are any injured persons;
 Do not move anything that could help authorities in compiling the police report on car crash;
Тake all possible measures to protect your vehicle from new additional damages;
 Try to note down all details about the accident, especially names of people who participated in the accident or can witness it, license plates and insurance companies on all vehicles that were directly or indirectly involved in the accident as well as the number of badges (ID cards) of police officers who went to the scene of the accident;
Insist an alcohol test is performed;
Ask the police officer where and how you can collect a copy of the conducted police report;
If your vehicle is Casco insured, you can report the damage with your insurer;
 if you do not have Casco insurance policy, your can file your damage claim in the insurance company of the person who is guilty of the accident according to police records.

Q: How do you determine the value of a certain building object that is subject to insurance?

А: The value of buildings is determined by their construction value, and often it is the amount which in event of damage would be sufficient so the damaged building object is brought to its original condition it was found in when the insurance was received.

Q: What risks does the combined household insurance cover?

А: The household insurance for residential objects covers more risk and therefore it is called combined. This type of insurance covers:
 the primary risks which include: fire and lightning strike, explosion, water spillage from water supply and sewer installation, storm, hail, impact by own motorvehicle, air crashes, manifestation and demonstration;
insurance for burglary and robbery of the household goods;
third party liability insurance in the event of damage infliction by the insured object to any of the neighbouring apartments;
costs for emergency accommodation whereby in case of total damage to the insured premises, if no living conditions available at that object, the insurance company will pay the fee as a rent for residence in the residential object.

Q: What does the term franchise or participation in damage mean and is there a way to avoid it?

А: The term franchise denotes the participation of the policy holder in the amount of compensation for damage. For example, if you sign a franchise Caso insurance of 200 euros, and the damage conceived comes up to 300 euros, the policy holder will be paid only 100 euros by the insurance company as his participation is 200 euros. In some cases you can redeem the franchise by paying an additional premium. With some types of insurance you can choose the amount of the franchise which affects the amount of the premium.

Q: Is the accident insurance also valid when one goes abroad?

А: The accident Insurance is valid for 24 hours, both domestically and abroad.

Q: How long after the injury can I report damage if I am insured for accident?

А:The time when you can request application for compensation is determined depending on the type of injury. In any case, reporting should be performed at least three months after the completed treatment. The application may be even filed earlier, however the assessment of injury by a physician-censor and the solution of the damage claim is done in the specified period.


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