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  • Medical Error Insurance
  • Extended Warranty Insurance

Extended Warranty

The extended warranty will reimburse the costs of repair and/or defective parts replacement of the insured motor vehicle. The extended warranty is given for functional safety of all mechanical and electrical/electronic components of the insured vehicle (with certain exclusions specified in the Terms of Insurance). Extended warranty can only be valid for vehicles with Macedonian plates for personal, van, delivery and terrain vehicles with a total weight limit up to 3.5 tons.

The guarantee is given for the proper functioning of the following parts:

    1. 1)       Engine
    2. 2)       Gear
    3. 3)       Drive sgafts
    4. 4)       Transmission of force
    5. 5)       Wheel
    6. 6)       Breaks
    7. 7)       System of fuel supply
    8. 8)       Air conditioning system
    9. 9)       Cooling System
    10. 10)   Electrical and Electronics


Medical Error

The subject of insurance under these Special Conditions are damages arised from any bodily injury, mental injury, illness, disease or death of any patient caused by any medical, dental or paramedical act done by mistake or omission by the policy holder when carrying out the activity of the policy holder stated in the policy.


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